Activities Near Deodar Manor

Activities In Khajjiar


Scenic Walk to Pukhri Village

Take a Scenic walk to a small village called Pukhri: 40 minute walk from Deodar Manor. Please ask us for directions. This walk does not need a guide. Excellent for families and small children who can sit on a horseback and go all the way.

Meadow Exploration

We recommend taking a walk around the meadow early in the morning or late in the evening. Can be enjoyed through out the day as well. Horseback riding, zorbing for children.

Forest Hiking/Trekking

Drive upto Jot (15 Km) from khajjiar and take packed lunch (alloo ka parantha and veggies / pickle). Jot is a scenic spot for a picnic.

Activities / Things To Do


  • Laxminarayan temples
  • Bhuri Singh Museum (Established in 1908, preserves rare coins, jewellery, traditional costumes and antique valuable artefacts )
  • Akhand Chandi Palace - The royal residence from 1747-1765 has now been converted into a palace
  • Stunning architecture
chamba chamba

chamera lake main chamera lake main

Chamera Lake

  • Drive up to this lake surrounded with high mountains. Boating facilities are available. Great spot to take packed lunch and enjoy the serene lake side.


  • Enclosed between Dhaladhar and Pir Panjal ranges, this town is home to nomadic Gaddi tribes. The town has stunning ancient temples and hiking spots.
Bharmour Himachal Pradesh Bharmour Himachal Pradesh

Dalhousie_Kalatop_Main Himachal Pradesh kalatop-wildlife Himachal Pradesh

Exploring Kalatope and Khajjiar: A Scenic Journey

  • Walk to Forest Guest House in Lush Kalatope - Khajjiar sanctuary / drive to Lakaramandi, located between Khajjiar and Dalhousie. Approximately 14KM drive from khajjiar/ Deodar Mnaor.

DainKund: Where Nature Unfolds Its Majesty

  • DainKund : Stunning spot that offers superb panoramic views of the mountains and rivers. Great spot to walk in pristine forests and take packed meals
dainkund Himachal Pradesh dainkund Himachal Pradesh

dalhousie Himachal Pradesh dalhousie Himachal Pradesh

Dalhousie: A Guide to Exploring the Colonial Charm

  • Dalhousie: Enjoy taking a walk around town -we suggest parking your car and then walking on the Thandi and Garam Sarak to enjoy the charm and colonial architecture from Gandhi chowk or Subhash Chowk.
  • St. John Church on Gandhi Chowk (oldest church of Dalhousie with elaborate woodwork and stained glass (built in 1894) Visit DC Khanna departmental store, oldest store with a lot of character and still is the best in town Do the "Heritage walk", located in upper Bakrota
  • Panj pulla : Eating: Dalhousie Café near Gandhi Chowk (channa Batura) speacilty Barrista Café in Subhash Chowk for coffee and sandwiches.