About Us - Deodar Manor

My favorite thing in the world is mountains. My sister Anu and I spent our early childhood days at Deodar Manor, our home, where we went for long walks , treks and took boxed lunch with us during these long walks. We spent our vacations during boarding school days at Deodar Manor where we developed a deep bond with the pristine cedar/deodar forests and the wildlife that surrounds us.As children , we frequently spotted Leopards crossing the road and sometimes even within very close proximity of our heritage bungalow , Deodar Manor.

Our home, Deodar Manor is a seven bedroom heritage bungalow situated in a lovely region of the Himalayas, with clean air, healthy forests, and plenty opportunities for walking. The bedrooms are large, comfortable, with classical decor and all our rooms have modern bathrooms attached. The bungalow has marvelous scenery that can be viewed from the spacious deck, verandah, and windows of all our rooms. Ideal for Cozy Retreats, Nature Experiences, Spiritual Pace, and Getaways from city heat, noise and pollution.

I spend my time between Canada and India, India for the most part now. In Canada is where I have worked with some of the leading hotel chains including locations such as Jasper in the Rocky mountains, I bring several years of experience in the hospitality industry and a passion for meeting people We exist to inspire and motivate people to connect with nature. Outside in the nature is our place and Himalayan mountains our backyard